Chevy 4500 New Bed Welding Repair, Excavator and Loader Repair

Bed Replacement Chevy C4500 Utility Dump Truck Bed Replacement Welding Project


Earth Equipment Repair replacing the bed of a Chevy C4500 Dump Truck Utility Truck welding and fabricating an entirely new bed while stripping the old rusted one out making it like new again.



The Earth Equipment Repair was tasked with replacing the bed on a Chevy C4500 dump truck with lift gate. The crew first had to cut out the old bed which was rusted and rotted out then mount and weld a new bed onto the frame with sheet metal. All work was done in house in our shop by our crew lead by head mechanic Billy Milligan. Work was also done to a Kobelco SK210LC Excavator by servicing the boom by detaching the bucket from the arm and fixing the links, pins and bushings. Engine work was also done to a Caterpillar 232 skid steer loader. Our head mechanic Billy Milliagan was working on our Kobelco Sv210 excavator replacing the pins and bushings on the boom arm of the crane and caused an unknown problem on the pipe.

EER specializes in all heavy equipment and truck repairs having experience with Chevy and GMC 4500 model dump trucks, 2500 pickup trucks, Volvo Triaxle Dump Truck, Chevy 4500 Box Trucks, GMC 3500 Utility Vans, Daewoo Solar 55V Excavator, Caterpillar 430D backhoe, Caterpillar 252B skid steer loader, Caterpillar 232B skid steer loader, Caterpillar 277 track loader, Daewoo DH50 excavator, Komatsu D41 dozer track loader, Caterpillar 930, Kobelco SK160 LC excavator and Kobelco SK210 LC excavator. We also service popular models such as Caterpillar D6, Caterpillar D7, Caterpillar D11, Caterpillar 973D, Caterpillar 320 excavator, Caterpillar 428 backhoe, Caterpillar 420 backhoe, Kubota TLB, Kubota SSV, Kubota SSL, Kubota KX series, Kubota R-series as well as BobCat E-Series, BobCat S-Series and BobCat T-Series models.

For all Heavy Equipment Repair, Service in the Long Island, Suffolk County, North Shore, Hamptons, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and the Jersey City Tri-State area Earth Equipment Repair provides Pickup and Delivery services for all types of heavy machinery from dump trucks, skid steers, dozers, excavators, drill rigs, vacuum trucks, pump trucks and more contact us today there isn’t a job we can’t handle.


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Rebuilding the ASV undercarriage on our Caterpillar 287 Dozer & ASV Posi-Track 4810 Skid Steer Idler and Track Replacement

It’s ASV season at EER this week as we have two projects requiring the repair, rebuilding & refurbishment of an ASV 4810 Skid Steer Loader and the ASV drive cage on our Caterpillar 287B dozer. Earth Equipment Repair is one of the only heavy equipment shops in the Long Island – NYC area that specializes in ASV repairs, track replacements and trackpress service our new brand new OTC Trackmaster TM200, now called WTC Machinery. The guys are working on rebuilding the ASV drive cage of our Caterpillar 287B as well as the bottom rollers by stripping  the tracks off one side at a time and refurbishing the entire undercarriage. As if that wasn’t enough they are also servicing an ASV 4810 skid steer loader that required the replacement of the front idlers and new tracks. This may seem like a daunting task for any mechanic shop but here at Earth Equipment Repair we are always ready for new jobs and have the unique ability of handling multiple top tier projects at the same time, just last week we replaced the tracks of a 40ton Kobelco excavator, among other things.

If you are in the Long Island, NYC, North Jersey or Hudson Valley area, EER provides PICKUP & DELIVERY services for all Heavy Equipment repairs and service on all Excvator, Dozer, Skid Steer Loader, Terrain Loader, Drilling Equipment, Vacuum Trucks, Commercial Trucks & More! Caterpillar, Kobelco, Daewoo, International, Cummins, Volvo, Freightliner, Komatsu, John Deere, BobCat, Kubota and any other brand, EER has the knowledge and capabilities to handle it. Give us a call anytime +1 631 727.7692

Excavator Track Repair, Tension Springs & Hydraulic Rams

Kobelco SK350 excavator track replacement, tension spring compression & track refurbishment.

The guys at EER has been busy this week, taking on a job with the monster excavator that is the Kobelco SK350 they have been working on the tracks for it by use of our premier Track Press. Starting by using the excavator itself to very carefully maneuver it up onto place holders while the new tracks were pressed with aid of our brand new WTC Trackmaster TM200 Track Press machine. Once done pressing the new tracks with our brand new state of the art Track Press machine we had to then place them back onto the 36 foot long, 11 foot high and 80,000lbs machine. Using the boom and bucket to direct and pivot the excavator while the new tracks were put on very carefully using various skill and equipment in the process, the guys finally did it and with only four people needed. The guys also had to compress a tension spring by 12 inches which they accomplished by using our one-of-a-kind in house developed compression mechanism.


Caterpillar 252B, Kobelco SK350, Concrete Boom Truck & More!

The Earth Equipment Repair crew has been busy lately! A lot of work on our own equipment and vehicles from the yard preparing them for the summer season as well as a few pieces of equipment that were brought in. Continued work on our Caterpillar 252B bulldozer, one of our various Vactor ® hydro-excavation truck and a Volvo Pump Truck has kept them busy for the past few weeks. Some of their work included the transmission lines and fuse panel, the EER team completed them all getting them back in the field ready for work!

At the shop we also have a Kobelco SK350 excavator and a concrete boom truck that the guys worked on recently fixing various problems with the hydraulics and tracks on the excavator.

EER is Long Island’s most experienced heavy equipment repair company able to take on projects ranging from Excavators such as John Deere and Caterpillar to large scale tanker trucks and diesel engines like International, Peterbilt, Volvo and Cummins. If you have a piece of heavy equipment, tanker truck, pump truck, excavator, drilling equipment and more don’t waste anytime with any other shops, EER is the MOST cost-effective solution for you and your company. Call us today +1 (631) 727-7697 for a free quote and to talk to our head mechanic Billy for a free quote and to chat about any issues or questions you have.



Track & Truck Repair – Long Island!

New Track Pads
New Track Chains – Long Island New York

If you would like assistance related to our heavy machinery, track press, undercarriage, pins & bushings, idlers, rollers, or sprockets services, please give us a call!  (631) 727-7697