Kobelco SK350 Excavator Track Repair

Kobelco SK350 excavator track replacement, tension spring compression & track refurbishment.

The guys at EER has been busy this week, taking on a job with the monster excavator that is the Kobelco SK350 they have been working on the tracks for it by use of our premier Track Press. Starting by using the excavator itself to very carefully maneuver it up onto place holders while the new tracks were pressed with aid of our brand new WTC Trackmaster TM200 Track Press machine. Once done pressing the new tracks with our brand new state of the art Track Press machine we had to then place them back onto the 36 foot long, 11 foot high and 80,000lbs machine. Using the boom and bucket to direct and pivot the excavator while the new tracks were put on very carefully using various skill and equipment in the process, the guys finally did it and with only four people needed. The guys also had to compress a tension spring by 12 inches which they accomplished by using our one-of-a-kind in house developed compression mechanism.

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